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I just wanted to share with you a few items of note as we head into Fall/Winter. We have selected some essential items for you to dress up the head and neck.

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Beanie/Toque & Scarf combo

When bundling up for winter, it’s essential to have headwear and neck warmer combination to fend of the chilly weather.

The beanie, or toque for Canadians (pronounced tu:k, see this little blog post about the word) plays a duo role of keeping your hair in check, and the top of your head at a reasonable temperature. When selecting a beanie or toque it’s important to make sure that the size fits your head. I recommend going into stores and trying out a number of different sizes and shapes in front of a mirror until you know exactly what form of headwarmer works for you. There are so many varieties ranging from oversize and slouchy, giving that relaxed casual look, to fitted and snug, conforming perfectly around the diameter of your head for a clean professional look. When it comes to brands, Carhartt and other more snowboarding oriented brands like Burton tend to know what they are doing when crafting the perfect beanie or toque.

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The scarf or neckwarmer has to work in coordination with the headwear to compliment each other and provide a frame for your face. Hence, we can’t just mix and match willy nilly. Palettes have to be complementary or adjacent and the size (or bulk) and material comes into play when considering these pieces as well. Pick something that suits your personality. You can either start with the scarf by playing off your jacket/coat style, and then work on the head piece, or start with the beanie or toque as an accent, and then work on matching the scarf.

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