woman wearing white jacket

A list of different types of jackets to suit your style and purpose

A nice stylish multi-purpose jacket can last you for years if you treat it right. Make sure it is the right fit and made out of durable material. Snug and not too tight or loose. As a general rule of thumb, the jacket should fit well around the broad part of your upper back and hang properly off your shoulders. Not too much slack in the sleeves. The cuffs should cut off right at the bottom of your palms if not a bit higher up on the wrists. Typically you wouldn’t want your wrists exposed to the elements if you are looking for a jacket that is functional. The same for collars. Consider collars that cover the neck if cold weather is something you are worried about. There are so many different types of jackets to suit every personality and taste. Let’s go over a few of these and pick out any that suit you.


Different materials have certain looks people associate with them. Denim material is typically grunge, punk, and somewhat rebellious, but harks back to gold-rush era utility and gives an all-American vibe.

Black Leather

Black leather used to be considered punk but now has found a resurgence in mainstream culture and is seen everywhere as a well-fitted essential in any wardrobe. The black leather look is so versatile you can wear it with leggings, jeans, skirts even, and goes well with almost any pair of shoes or boots.

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The varsity jacket has been around a long time but deserves a mention on this list for its popularity and ability to be worn by people of almost any age and gender. The puffier mens jacket even looks good on a slim frame and if you identify as female, unless you want something slimming, I would recommend trying on a mens jacket – that is, if you haven’t already got yourself a boy to “borrow” one from.

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Lightweight Bomber

The lightweight bomber is a staple in any wardrobe for guys, girls, and anyone who wants to look prepared for anything. Pick a muted palette to increase its versatility with any outfit you plan on wearing.

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Long Wool or Blended Coat

Long wool or wool-blend coats serve a dual purpose of being fashionable and staying warm. They come in a variety of colors and lengths and provide a shield against wind and light drizzles up until the first snowflakes start to fall, and even well into winter.






Pile Jacket

Pile jackets have picked up in popularity this year, cropping up all over the streets of major metropolitan cities and are a hot item in the fashion world. They provide a means of staying warm, and give off a cuddly fluffy sheep look. When you put them on, you can’t help but run your hands over the soft pile.

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